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A Good Melody is Everything

Violin over Sheet Music

Check out my interview with Carrie Hayward on her weekly Podcast, The Disney Wedding Podcast. 


Robert is a violinist, free-lance composer, and musical playwright.  He has been the full-time violinist at Walt Disney World since 2002 and continues to enjoy a career as a performer, clinician, composer, and private teacher.


His love of music began at the age of 5, when he first touched a violin.  This was the start of his passion and pursuit of excellence in music.  After discovering that he could compose in whatever style he chose when he was in high school, he began by composing music in the style of rock legends, Elton John and Billy Joel.  This was only the beginning.


Since that time, Robert has composed pieces for full orchestra, string orchestra, quartets, ensemble, and voice.  He has also recently discovered a new love for writing musical plays for elementary and middle schools.

Robert's work has been performed all over the world, at the White House, Carnegie Hall, Universal Studios, NASA, the Walt Disney World Company, and for the television series, Barney.  He has been commissioned over 50 times, and he has, himself, performed his work all over the U.S. and in Scotland, Taiwan, and Japan.

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