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Legendary Florida:  A Historical Portrait in Sound

This is a symphonic tone poem inspired by Florida artist, Jackson Walker. Written in seven movements, Kerr wishes to introduce both children and adults to Florida's rich and diverse history through the the vibrant and realistic oil paintings of Walker. Commissioned by the Florida Museum of Art, the work premiered on September 18, 2010 in  Deland, Florida, at the Athens Theater. The concert featured over 100 participants including narrations by Florida author, Dr. Gary Morrmino, a wonderful actor, narrator, and singer, Harry Burney, an African American gospel group known as The Lane and Company Sacred Music Ensemble, an ROTC Unit from Deland, with a 50 piece orchestra and 40 voice choir conducted by Dr. Monty Musgrave. 


I.         Legendary Florida Anthem (6:00)

II.        The Indians: Homage to a Brave and Noble People (8:15)

III.       Three Hundred Strong: In memory of our black brothers and sisters who died in the fight for freedom (6:20)

IV.       Florida at War:  Military March, Dies Irae, and Requiem (7:00)

V.        Where Peaceful Waters Flow (4:30)

VI.      The Wild Florida Frontier: Tribute to the Cowhunters and Early Settlers (3:15)

VII.     Legendary Florida Reprise (3:45)

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