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Florida Flute Concerto

Commissioned by flautist and devotee of Robert's work. This concerto is a work in three movements celebrating three distinctive people in Florida's vast history:


I. Glorious Discovery -Viva "La Florida!"

Juan Ponce de Leon arrives on the Florida shores, April 2nd, 1513. He names this new land in honor of the Spanish Easter Celebration "La Pascua de Florida".

II. Ode to William Bartram -The Wandering Song of Puc-Puggee

Known also by the Indians as “The Flower Hunter”, the American naturalist, William Bartram, made his way through the wilds of the Florida wetlands during the year of 1774. He famously recorded unknown flora and fauna in his paintings, drawings and journals.


III. Triumphant Arrival!

Celebrating the Centennial Maiden Voyage of the Key West Extension of Henry Flagler into Key West Aboard the First Over-Sea Railroad, June 21st, 1912. A brass band, parade, military, the Mayor, and 20,000 cheering people greeted Mr. Flagler, now 82, who was moved to mention “Now I can die happy!”

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