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Scored for String Orchestra & Piano

Scored for Piano Quintet

Scored for String Orchestra

Scored for String Orchestra

Ceilidh Jig & Strathspey - All Parts

  • These pieces were commissioned by Beth Bichler and the Hunter's Creek String Ensemble.

  • The folk dances of the Scot's-Irish tradition has recently enjoyed a worldwide resurgence of interest thanks, in part, to “Lord of the Dance.” These intoxicating dance forms include the aire, strathspey, reel, and jig.  The Strathspey holds special distinction in that it is the only dance which came from Scotland, while all the other forms are Irish. Often referred to as the official dance of Scotland, the strathspey is also known as the “Scotch Snap” for its distinctively short rhythmic attack. This original tune by Kerr is meant to sound ancient and has a traditional harmonic structure. 


    Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee,) is a Gaelic word meaning “a visit”, it also suggests a gathering of musicians, dancers, and artists. It essentially is a party in which every person is an active contributor. Scottish Ceilidh's are a great deal of fun, and include dinner, poetry, story telling, and dancing to live music.  Again, in this short work, “Ceilidh Jig,” Kerr strives to catch the high spirit found at a Scottish dance.

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