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Scored for String Quintet

Scored for String Quartet

Scored for String Trio

Scored for String Orchestra, Flute, Oboe, Harp

Cello's Revenge - Conductor's Score

  • This piece is written out of true sympathy for the poor cellists who, year after year, have to endure yet another endless eight note plod through the immortal “Canon in D.”  Kerr has answered the boredom with a full and virtuosic version of Pachelbel's masterpiece.  This work is also known as “Not-So-Canon,” because it does not follow the form; however, every member of the group will find it satisfying and rockin'!  The variations in this work provide cellists some exciting challenges, like the diabolical 32nd note passages in the final variation! For the listener, “Cello's Revenge” is a souped-up canon; for the cellist in your group, it's a true payback, musically, and a refreshing change from the original.

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